Digital Fluency

3D Printing

A completion of a free certification session is required before using the printer. In the course, we demonstrate how to design basic 3D models, show you resources to find finished models, load models into a slicing program to set them up for printing, and then watch the design go from concept to reality when it finally prints. The printers are located in the John Cotton Dana Library computer lab.

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Augmented Reality Seminar

RU-N IT presents an opportunity for you to attend an AR seminar in which we demonstrate how to develop introductory Augmented Reality experiences using Apple’s ARKit, starting with basic development of an iOS application, to placing one object in space, to then placing multiple objects in space.

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Beginner Level - App Development Seminar

RU-N IT presents an opportunity for those interested in developing applications for both iOS and android, this seminar is aimed at beginners wanting to get started in developing for those platforms. We will go over the Flutter SDK by Google and how to develop a simple application. As well as how to use both XCode simulators and AndroidStudio Emulators.

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Video Editing

Learn how to edit video in this project-based introduction to both the aesthetic and technical aspects of video editing.

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Drop-In Sessions

RU-N IT is proud to offer a new series of personal instructional sessions to help you better use the technology available to you on campus.

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Technology Tutoring Sessions

RU-N IT offers personalized sessions for learning and supporting technology for the Rutgers Newark Community. Book appointments for real-time assistance via Zoom or Webex.

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