Below you will find information on how to download and use the most common software requested by students: Microsoft Office. Additionally, you will find information on the Rutgers software portal where free and discounted software available to Rutgers students can be found. Finally, you fill find information on the Rutgers Virtual Computer Labs and Remote Desktop Labs, this service allows you to connect remotely to the hardware and software in the Rutgers computer labs and use the same software that you would find in the physical location.

Office for Students

Rutgers provides free access to various Microsoft Office products for all current faculty, staff, and students. Faculty, staff, and students can install Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher (PC only), and Access (PC only) on up to five computers, five tablets, and five phones, including personal equipment.

Please note Microsoft OneDrive and Skype are only available for faculty and staff. Students are encouraged to use the storage component of their ScarletMail accounts, Google Drive, for storage space.

Faculty, staff, and students will have an active license to use Microsoft Office products while they are enrolled in or employed at Rutgers. Once they depart the University, the license will expire and they will have 30 days before the Office applications go into a read-only mode with limited functionality.

Installation instructions and other details on free Microsoft Office for Rutgers students.

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Office Video Tutorials

Sign into LinkedIn Learning for video tutorials about Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office programs.

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Support and additional resources

For assistance accessing Microsoft Office products, please contact the RU-N IT Service Center.

For assistance with Microsoft Office, visit the Office 365 Training Center.

Additionally, training resources and video tutorials for Microsoft Office are available on LinkedIn Learning, which is free for Rutgers students. Learn more and sign up for LinkedIn Learning


Personal Computer Software

Software Portal

The University Software Portal at Rutgers offers various discounted and licensed software for faculty, staff, and students.

Software Portal

Temporary Software Exceptions

The following software exceptions have been made available by the software manufacturers to help members of the University to continue work and study during the current situation.

Software Always Available


Virtual Computer Labs

Get remote access to computer lab software, whenever you want it.

Why use our Virtual Computer Labs?

They give you the software you need, from any location, at any time.

You get free access to dozens of useful software applications.

They’re always open: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The software comes to you. You can work or study from wherever you happen to be.

New Brunswick and RBHS Virtual Computer Labs

These labs feature a long list of available software applications. Questions? Check out our FAQ.

Log-on instructions 

Rutgers–Newark Virtual Computer Labs

Rutgers–Newark offers its own Virtual Computer Labs for students, faculty, and staff.

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Rutgers–Camden Virtual Computer Labs

Rutgers–Camden maintains its own Virtual Computer Labs for students, faculty, and staff.

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Sharing Files for Printing

If you need to print a file from your remote lab computer, you can download a PDF of the file that you can print from your local computer. When you go to print the file, select Guacamole Printer from the Select Printer options.

This will download a PDF of the file on your local computer.

Saving Files

To save files, you will need to upload them to a cloud storage solution, as remote file saving is disabled.

For faculty, staff, and RBHS students, you can save the files to Onedrive, which is part of your Rutgers Connect account.

For non-RBHS students, you can save the files to your Google Drive, which is part of ScarletMail.

For guests, you can use either Onedrive or Google Drive, depending on which options are available for your account.

Accessing the Clipboard and Input Settings

Clicking control-alt-shift while in a session will bring up the following menu with access to the clipboard and input settings.


Remote Desktop Labs

To connect to the Remote Desktops, you’ll need to be connected to the Rutgers Network via the VPN – Virtual Private Network (VPN) needs service activation and Duo (multi-factor authentication.

Remote Desktop Labs                      Location

Dana Library                                                                               NWK – John Cotton Dana Library

Engelhard 313                                                                             NWK – Engelhard – E313

Hill 123                                                                                          NWK – Hill -123

Rutgers Business School                                                          NWK – 1 Washington Park – 422a

Connecting to the Remote Desktop Labs

  1. VPN to the Rutgers network (instructions below)
  2. Click on the link to the virtual lab of choice
  3. Click on the IP address link of an available IP address
  4. Accept the default of “Open with Remote Desktop Connection” – OK
  5. Click on “Connect” button in the Remote Desktop Connection window
  6. Enter your credentials using your netid and password
  7. Click “Yes” to connect
  8. Wait while it connects you to the PC desktop
  9. Please remember to logoff of the PC using the “logoff” icon on the desktop

Note: If you’re using a Windows computer, you’ll only be able to connect to a Window desktop. If you’re using a Mac operating system, you can only connect to a Mac desktop.

How to Connect to the VPN:

Who can use the VPN?

Current students, staff, faculty, and guests of the university are eligible to use the VPN. A current student is defined as a student currently registered in courses with the university. If you feel you need access and do not fit into any of these categories, you may apply for a guest account.