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Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces

  • Learning spaces encourage student-centered pedagogical approaches by ensuring that the environment facilitates communication, collaboration, and interaction between learners, and between instructors and learners.

  • Learning spaces must support the diversity of the RUN community (students, instructors, staff and the general public) in terms of ensuring equal access to its environment. This includes the physical and technological elements of the classroom.

  • Learning spaces must be adaptable and flexible to accommodate the diverse pedagogical approaches that are available to instructors. This includes ensuring both individual and collaborative activities by learners.

  • Learning spaces must be designed, configured and supported holistically. Many elements must come together to ensure an inviting and effective learning space.

  • Teaching and learning take place inside and outside of the physical environment of RUN. Classrooms should encourage and act as bridges for experiential, community orientated pedagogies, and other learning activities and practices which take place outside of the classroom.